Who’s Your Daddy?

I often find myself in commercial auditions where I have to play dad to a small child.  Though I wish I didn’t have to use my good looks to help the man push soap powder I do dig on being a father for a few minutes.  My fake kids are so precocious.

I usually leave my dad auditions feeling like my “son” is going to grow-up and be somebody and it’s all because of me.  And right before I say you’re welcome to the real parents, I’m hit with their reality.  Off to do homework, play soccer, pick up their younger sibling!  Maybe my temp son will grow up and be somebody because of his real parents.  What a novel thought.

Being an acting dad is even better than being a Grand Parent.  I get to help the child adorably say the catch phrase and then give them back to their real parents to do all the real work like dealing with sugar highs. I imagine pretending to be a dad is like pretending to be a priest.  You get why someone would want to do it.  Both probably do wonders for your soul on a good day.  Ultimately though, you’re not really worthy to be a father or a Father unless you’re actually doing it.  Unless you’re dealing with the job at it’s low points, you don’t deserve the glory of the good days.  You get to brag about that perfect spelling test only after you’ve faced bed wetting head on.  Well, not head on but you get my point.

Still my brief encounters with partially reared kids gives me hope.  I’m sure not every adult actor can get a 6 year old to say “uh-oh…mommy’s home!” and hit all his marks.  I’m sure not every non-parent is patient and willing to be upstaged by a child.  And I always show my fake wives the utmost respect while making sure I make their jobs easier by bringing home whatever product we’re auditioning for.  I know they don’t give out Daddy of the year awards for 2 minute stints but if those two minutes are any indicator I just may be honorable mention for World’s Best Dad when and if the time comes.

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