Video Killed the Parenting Star

I think technology has made parenting a lot harder. Says the non-parent. You don’t have to go to PTA meetings to know the internet is a doozie. However, There’s a another piece of technology that’s a bit more stealth in how it undermines parenting.

I was riding on the London Undergound. I shared a car with a couple with two kids, one in a stroller and a very active toddler. Now, I’ve shared with you my train antics as a lad. How I refused to hold on to the pole to demonstrate my supreme super hero balance.

My mom suffered my poppycock with amazing grace and patience. Though, I do think my mom would have drawn the line at me going vertical. The young boy hoisted himself all the way up a pole. I was equally amazed by his upper body strength as I was his mom and dad’s compliance. The boy then, after several failed attempts, swung himself from the vertical pole to the horizontal one above his parents’ heads. I’m not sure I could do that now! So the lad is definitely showing talent for gymnastics. I’m thinking silver on the parallel bar in 2020.

On the boy’s penultimate attempt I realized that his parents were videotaping his efforts. They were torn between the precociousness of the moment and their duties as the custodians of ushering into society a well-rounded, courteous person. They grow up so fast and those moments may never happen again. At least that’s what they can tell the judge at his sentencing twenty years from now. I kid, i kid. I would’ve seriously been between the same rock and hard place. Especially given the boys climbing proficiency. Catch you teach and capture?

FATHER: Ok son, we need to get this in one take then go get a switch from the yard for your beating.

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