Where Are They Now

It’s always cool to see the people you saw on your outbound flight, on your returning flight. It’s not cosmic but it sort of builds community. Albeit in your mind.

DWAYNE’S MIND: There’s a person who agrees that a 4 day stint in Albuquerque is exactly enough time. I wonder what else we agree on? I wonder if George is his favorite Beatle…

I was lucky enough to have two parties fly on the same plane as me going and coming.

One of which has already made my blog. Remarkably my favorite young seat kicker from two blogs ago, Sebastian, was on my return flight. His mom gave me an exuberant hello. Oddly, I was just as happy to see her and Mr. Terror himself. It’s like the 4 hours of seat kicking had bonded us like men who have been in war together. They can go years without talking but their bond will always be there. For Sebastian and Me, our epic battle 30 thousand feet above ground will forever link us. Or at least our link survived the weekend.

Given my history with Sebastian it would have been understandable if I let out a shriek and ran away in fear like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 at the sight of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Linda didn’t have to run. For Arnold was a good guy in Terminator 2. As was Sebastian in our sequel. I didn’t sit near him but I did go to the bathroom twice and both times he was sleeping like…well…a baby. The people on the return plane didn’t even know his name. On the outbound flight not only did everyone know his name, several people could do a dead on impression of his mom telling him to stop.

I’m glad fate let me meet Sebastian again and see another side of him. Maybe even his true side. His mom did say he was a good boy. Seeing is believing.

How about that? A sequel that was better than the original.

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  1. Deana

    Sebastian is a nickname that I gave to Robert a few years ago because his real name is simply too boring for him. He never used it, but it caught on with my friends, and they still refer to him as such. I tried to get them to call him Robert again, but they never do. I suppose I wield more power than I thought.

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