Come Check My Back Pack

Cruise ships are more fun than I remember.  Of course I’m still just working out and going to the coffee shop, like I do at home (or anywhere else in the world).  I’ve turned this floating city into my mobile headquarters.  There’s something cool about running things remotely.  I’m closing million dollar deals in the middle of the Atlantic.  Well, in my head I am.  In actuality, I’m writing blogs and doing status updates.  I think I’ll name my laptop rhythm because I’m a slave to it.  I’m also a slave to puns.

For the 1st few days of the trip, up until my show, I was the odd guy carrying a book bag everywhere.  Now, I’m the funny comedian carrying a book bag.  Now it’s all making sense to them.  It’s like once people know you tell jokes, that explains everything else about you.

Why does she put kool-aid on her cereal…Oh she’s a comediane.  That guy moonwalks everywhere..oh he’s a comic…of course.

I’ve said my share of air-headed statements that people just took as me being funny when I was really being dumb.  Did I feel a little silly walking around with a book bag while others sun bathed?  No not really.  I’m not exactly classified as a passenger, although all the services are available to me.  Like, today I did yoga.  I gotta think doing an upward dog on a rocking ship has to be a tad bit better for your core than doing one on dry land.  My goal is to take the stigma out of the phrase hard core.  Let’s put it back into the yoga lexicon where it belongs.

I’m also not a crew member.  I don’t know the lingo and I don’t have the international street-cred.  Many crew members are from foreign lands.  In the crew section of the ship  you’re expected to at least speak two languages.  English is the common language of course but it seems that in the belly of the ship people like to let loose and let their native tongue fly.  It’s like not being able to dunk a basketball on a team of high flyers.  You’re always a little on the outside looking in.  Or looking up as it were.

So I reverted to my regular daily routine and that routine calls for a book bag filled with a laptop and IPad.  Me telling jokes doesn’t really explain the book bag thing but for many people stand-ups are so exotic that there’s no telling what our process is.  All of a sudden me carrying a book bag doesn’t make the other passengers feel self conscious.  There’s a reason I’m so oddly studious and they don’t need an excuse for loafing around and eating all day.  They paid to do just that.  I’m getting paid to break up the eating with a bit of merriment.

I think I’ll use my free time to bone up on Spanish.  Next time I come on a cruise I want to be dunking or at least clapping the backboard.

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