Hustle and Go

I was sitting outside of a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the Korea Town section of Los Angeles enjoying a beverage with a friend.  A disheveled gentleman came up to me and said he was conducting a survey.  And by disheveled I mean a Hot Mess.  I thought to myself, really, and what organization sanctioned this “survey”.  But I had a little time to see where this was going.  So I motioned for him to continue.  He cleared his throat and said…

Hot Mess: Hi!

So I said…

ME: Hi.

He then pulled out a napkin, unfolded it, produced a pencil, and wrote down a number.  He then, put the pencil away, refolded the napkin and put it back in his pocket.  Oh, so that was the official napkin?  He said only 6 people had said hi back to him out of 23 “surveyed.” Just when I thought maybe this was a guy who just wanted to share his crazy without asking for money, Hot Mess informed me that the survey process did have some overhead and to continue his research he would need some funding.  Having already been sufficiently amused, I gladly gave him some change.


I think either my face or the tone of my voice must be truth serum or maybe the truth came after I gave Hot Mess my donation.  After successfully tallying my results, Hot Mess says to me…

HOT MESS: Which way is Sunset?  Do you think I could hustle more money there or here?

Et tu Hot Mess?  You were hustling me?  But I was one of the people who said hi!  I told him to proceed to Highland and Hollywood to get his hustle on.  I also gave him directions to get there.  I wonder if Hot Mess needs an agent.

2 thoughts on “Hustle and Go

  1. jhiro

    Haha, what a nickname. Hot Mess would be great to see in movie credits.

    The real survey question was "where should I hustle?" and the napkin kept records on which openers got useful responses. "Hi!" works a lot better than "spare change?"

    Is Highland & Hollywood the place people are most generous or most deserving to be separated from their money? (I don't know the area.)

  2. me!

    What’s funny to me is that Hot Mess somehow thought that you might be able to offer expertise in this particular field.

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