So I was cleaning my place.  Trying to reduce and clear space by reorganizing and throwing things away.   What really happens in the aforementioned scenario is I move a bunch of stuff from one place to another while getting nostalgic about things I forgot I had and of course determine that I absolutely need.  Don’t worry, I don’t qualify for an episode of Hoarders.  I don’t think.

I came across my cassette tapes.  I still have a small boom box that plays cassettes so I can justify keeping the cassettes.  No hoarders for me.  Sure, I can find most of the songs on amazon or youtube but the tapes hold another memory that can not be duplicated.  Maybe converted to digital but not recreated.

Back before people tried going viral on youtube they would sometimes record themselves singing and cracking jokes.  It wasn’t something you thought would land you on the Today show.  No, it was enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake and the target audience was you and yours.  Anyone remember recording on cassette tapes?  I found one that had a young me and my even younger siblings and cousin on it.  This was even before their voices had changed.  We sang popular songs into a portable radio then played it back to the last place we left off.  That’s it.  Entertainment has evolved.  Or has our imagination devolved? The happiness and fun that we were having is still clear after all this time. Even if the analog recording isn’t.  Quality family time and we didn’t have to go back and count how many views we had.

Now we think everything that is even remotely interesting to us should be shared with the world.   I can see the irony in that last statement given I’m writing this blog about something remotely interesting.  But at least I know it and I didn’t recruit the help of a cute cat or an adorable baby to get my point across.

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Also, my family has thrown our video into the ring for viral consideration.  This is a video of me surprising my mother in nyc with a visit from Los Angeles. It currently has 7 views.    It’s sweeping the nation.