I recently wrote a blog about how my 1st computer wasn’t on the Internet. That’s unimaginable now.  Like how before refrigeration people had blocks of ice delivered to their homes.  There use to be an ice delivery guy!  I’m sure in every town the ice guy had an ice related nick name:  Iceberg Irving, Chill Bill,  Drew Breeze, Frigid Phil, Brain Freeze McGee…  People probably danced in the street when “The Ice Guy” pulled up with a truck full of cold. Kids raced behind the truck screaming “The Iceman Cometh…”

Times change.  Things cooled off for the Ice men.  And computers became connected.  Now, even your local hard drive seems at risk to go the way of the ice man.  Space is so abundant and connections so fast that the new model threatening to become the norm is all your data being stored on a remote server.  This scares the bejesus out of me.  Before you think me an alarmist consider the marketing strategy used to implement these servers.

The powers that be have decided to call them clouds.  The Cloud.  Not,  a massive server in a room somewhere in Wisconsin.  No people need to think of their storage as being magically stored in the sky.  What else is in the sky?  God.  A server sounds practical and business minded.  The Cloud, sounds like some benevolent being in the sky who’s kind enough to store all your pictures and music.  Now we all know that Cloud is a euphemism for server but will our kids know this?  It seems very big brothery to me.  To call a computer anything other than a computer is a mistake and the 1st step in making man subservient to computers.

See, people would be weary of putting personal data on a server somewhere in Oregon but The Cloud, you can trust.  The cloud would never use your data in a sinister manner.   I’m pro technology but unchecked technology is the beginning of every science fiction novel for a reason.   Science fiction writers thought the ubiquitous eye in the sky would come from a totalitarian government.  It might come from the private sector with the public’s approval.  We may willingly march our way to an Orwellian World.

I’m not saying don’t use the cloud.  I’m saying back your data up on your own hard-drive and call it a server for crying out loud.  Leave the clouds for staring at on warm summer days.  “Hey that one looks like a server!”