I’m sitting on a plane to London with my Ipad in airplane mode and it occurred to me that back when I got my first computer, it was always in airplane mode.  The world was my oyster, as long as the pearl I needed was on my tiny hard drive.  I was just a stand alone node, a planet unaware of the larger universe and how I fit into it. This was back when PC really meant personal computer.

It’s amazing how convenient and life changing I thought a stand alone computer was.     Now, I consider a computer not on the internet to be a small step up from a calculator.  Back then, I had some games, a generic word processing and a spreadsheet app back when they were called programs.  I would type in programs from a book and make a balloon scroll across the screen.  I was doing it! Back then I thought I was cooking with gas but I really had a tiny twig flame going.  The Chariots of Fire moments gave way to the rise of connectivity.

A nod to all the people like me who were enamored with computers even before they fulfilled their promise.  I could be more fire and brimstone about the implications of all this connectivity: loss of privacy, loss of real life interaction, carpel tunnel, easily accessible depravity.

I suppose all this was written in the stars just as the next wave of computing is inevitable. So when blogs are automatically RSS fed into your eyelids just remember that you can’t stop progress but you can still have choice.  The right to choose how to treat yourself and others and the write to scroll your eyelids until you reach something worth reading.  Like, my blog for instance.  The mode of delivery isn’t as important as the spirit of consumption. Consume wisely.

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