I have a laundry room in my condo but I still boogie down to my local laundry mat from time to time. This may be inconceivable for some but I’d rather schlep  and pay more than wait even 1 rinse cycle for a machine. Plus, this laundry mat is in a fairly pristine part of Pasadena and it’s also…wait for it…in the same parking lot as a Starbucks. So I can sip N’ spin.

Now, I may have to downgrade this area from fairly pristine to mostly safe. A fellow washer hit me up for a quarter. My hood senses told me this guy was slightly off but not dangerous. I figured he needed it but I also thought, “what a great scam.” Asking for quarters in a laundry mat is a slam dunk. You know they have it and they almost have to believe your story of being a quarter or two short. I gave him a quarter.  “Yeah, this machines are a bit pricey huh?”

I may have to downgrade him from not dangerous to “keep one eye open.”  He produced a robe from somewhere and put in on over his clothes. He then proceeded to take off the clothes he was wearing under the robe and threw them in the wash. I believe in finishing what you start as much as the next guy but when it comes to doing your laundry in a public setting you just have to accept that one outfit has to wait for the next go round. At the very least show up in your robe. Had I known he would drop trou I would have made NOT dropping trou a condition of my contribution. Here’s 25 cents but only if you also take my two cents.

Funny how being nude under a robe is unacceptable but we’re all nude under our clothes. Probably because a robe can be disrobed much quicker than khakis. As a society, in cases where there is no precedent, we must act quick to establish policy.  On doing your laundry in public with nothing but a robe on, I vote nay.  What say you?