I had an invigorating workout at one of the many LA Fitness establishments I’ve been known to frequent. I really don’t frequent any particular one. I share the wealth depending on where the wind takes me. Today it was lovely East Pasadena. I did the scientific 7 minute workout. Don’t worry I didn’t burn gas, and change into my good shorts to do a 7 minute workout. I mean, I did, but I did it 6 times. The scientists who developed the workout say this particular set of exercises, done over a 7 minute span are all anyone really needs. Some doubt this but I don’t think anyone can shrug their shoulders at doing it 6 times. It’s legit. Trust me.

But I have not sat at my Mac book to brag. Okay a little but that’s done now. I came to tell all about this 7 minute workout I’m so stoked about. Also, I came to share what I spied in the locker room: A 50 something guy with his nipples pierced. Now talking in locker rooms is highly discouraged. At least by me it is. The task at hand is to get dressed. Friendly banter is a clothed activity.

I have never been so tempted to break my rule of no chit chatting. I really wanted to ask him if the mini shower curtain rings on his chest were the result of some twilight years crisis or a hold over from his younger days.  A remnant of a wild time that he’s not ashamed of but not necessarily proud of either. In any event he willingly rocked the look today. Once he put his shirt on he looked like someone from accounts receivable. Perhaps these piercings keep him sane at work. Old man Johnson is busting his hump but he’s got a little secret that makes the verbal abuse tolerable, laughable.

I really don’t know what the chest rings offer in the way of a psychological edge or a practical physical purpose. All I know is that most things in my life snag on other things in my life. No sweater, book bag, jeans, headphones are ever safe in my possession.  My forward progress had been impeded by car doors, chairs, door knobs, weight racks, bikes, picture frames. Given this I would never add yet another thing to my personage that could potentially get snagged. Especially with flesh in the balance. I’m hoping ring man is at least more careful than I am and remembers to take off his shoes, belt…and nipple rings at airport security