boston pizzaWhilst traversing the lovely city that is Toronto, I noticed a pizza chain called “Boston Pizza.”  It’s a Canadian chain with several locations in the states. The reason I imagine they have only several US locales is because in the states Boston isn’t known for it’s pizza. Does Canada not know? Did a Bostonian take some New York City Pizza to Canada and claim is as their own? Or does Canada like to aim low, even with their pizza aspirations? This would be like having a cheese Steak place named “Pittsburgh Cheese Steaks.” Like, Pittsburgh is close enough to Philly and I’m sure they do a bang up job but you might as well name your place, “Almost as good as the best.” Or Is this a case of truth in advertising?

And please no angry emails from Boston people. I guarantee there are more Pizza places with New York in the title in Boston than the other way around.  I’m man enough to say the New England clam chowder rocks Manhattan clam chowder to sleep.  It’s not close.  In fact, Manhattan clam chowder to go off to pasture, like the name Gertude. And please, no Chicago people jumping in with their claims for having the best pizza. That argument is beyond the scope of this entry. However, I will admit you have better sausage and hot dogs if you finally give the pizza thing a rest. Cool?

When you think about it naming the restaurant Boston Pizza kind of excuses it from criticism. Not to say that Boston Pizza isn’t great. I wouldn’t know.  I did not partake this time around but in case it’s not it’s like they already warned you in the name. Their answer to any complaint should simply be, “We’re not named New York Pizza are we?”

If you’re opening up a business and you don’t plan on customer service being your strong point then you might want to go with a name that manages expectations.

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