20140911_161121So I hopped a bus at the Toronto airport. When a city goes through the trouble of providing hassle free public transportation to and from the airport, I oblige them. It’s a great way to get a feel for a city. It’s also a good way to shake the tourist smell off you. You travel with locals the way locals travel instead of getting coddled with the kid gloves that is a limo service. It’s the difference between eating a formal dinner with a family in the dining room and eating with them the way they always eat in the kitchen, standing up with the TV on.  And yes, it’s economical.

I got a transfer from the bus to the train. I’m intrigued by Canada’s high-tech ways juxtaposed with things that seem almost archaic. The transfer was a thin piece of paper that kind of looks like a bookmark.  The world’s flimsiest bookmark.  Canada has plastic money with hologram images infused into each note. Her money is almost impossible to forge but the bus transfers can be reproduced with MS Word and an Inkjet printer.  I think that’s why New York stopped paper transfers in the 80’s.  People got printers.

But a sobering thing about the Toronto transfer is that it has the day on it.  Not the date but the actual number of the day. It was day 254.  Doesn’t literally counting the days put pressure on Torontonians?

Honey I can’t go to the movies.  It’s day 36 and our Christmas tree is still up. We need to handle this before we get into the hundreds.  

Canada seems so laid back but then they pull a move like put the day on each transfer and you realize Canada is a cold task-master. Los Angeles lulls you to sleep while the days slip from the calendar in what seems like perpetual spring. Canada’s winter is always lurking. Even on the hottest day of the year, the winter’s presence can be felt.

Yeah it’s hot but….

Even still, in case you were thinking about dozing off, Toronto will tell you what day it is.   Los Angeles needs this, badly. In fact, the day should be posted everywhere. In coffee shops, in cupcake stores, in gastro pubs, in In & Outs…. Hipsters should have to see the day posted clearly as they wait in line for sausages and pale ale.

It’s day 80, how’s that outline coming?  
Day 169,  the outline, any progress?
Day 365, okay seriously, let’s do that outline next year…