With endings come new beginnings.  A time to shed your old state of being or self image and replace it with something more spiffy.  Of course this can’t happen without action.  Without a plan or an idea of what you will do differently, don’t think January 1st will usher in anything but a hang over.  I’ve always been a  fan of making objectives measurable when possible.  Like, instead of saying  “read more”, say, “read 30 minutes a day.”  Even if you miss some days chances are you will read more.  Anyhoo,  I jotted down some things, resolutions if you will,  I want to keep in mind during 2014.  Feel free to use these if they apply or come up with your own.

By the way, I give my friends & family license to remind me of these during the year if the need arises.

This year…

I will make my status updates pale in comparison to my real life adventures.

I will hold everyone to their word. Especially me.

I will not let unpaid work spill into time set aside for leisure.

I will leave the house at least twice a week without a laptop. (I will have a tablet.  I’m not a monk).

I will respond to everyone in my personal sphere in a timely fashion.(within 6 hours)

I will respond to everyone in my business sphere in a timely fashion. (within 8 hours)

I will give more time and energy to those in my personal sphere.

I will only enter into partnerships that are clearly mutually beneficial.

I will get up early every weekday (before 7am).

I will sleep in most weekends.

I will workout less but go for walks more.

I will stretch and stay flexible in body and spirit

I will eat when hungry and ask myself, “why am I eating?” if I’m not hungry.

I will attack my action item list everyday with vigor, knowing full well that I will never actually be done.

I will listen intently and confirm what I hear.  I will not draw conclusions on partial data.

I will value my time and quickly cut off things that prove to be a waste of time

I will go to bed around midnight on weekdays! (I need help with this one)

I will prepare my clothes the night before


I will call my mother back.