A few weeks ago I did a show in a living room.  A fancy living room but a living room nonetheless.  Obviously , it was a private show.  Although, the thought of someone having the gall to turn their living room into a comedy club does bring me joy.  La Casa De Jokes: Not a bad seat in the house.  Please keep your sofa talk to a minimum.

When a show is that intimate, someone speaking out of turn isn’t heckling, it’s interjecting.  There’s also a fine line between performing and talking to a small group.  They’re paying you to perform but as you’re in a living room you can’t “play to the balcony.”  This was my second or third time performing in a house.   Since I don’t bill myself as the “Couch Comic”  whenever one of these shows comes down the pike, it means they requested me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (I really need to revisit my “can’t refuse” price points.)

I performed for a party of 15 in a Lake house off Lake Tahoe.  It was really a mansion, A Lake Mansion.  Is that a thing?  It was this doctor’s birthday and his wife rented out the house and threw a party for him.  By the way, the 15 audience members were all black.  Here I was performing for black doctors and businessmen living the life rappers rap about.

The scene was could’ve been recorded and ran as a PSA on BET. “ Stay in school kids you can become a doctor or at the very least perform for them.”

In the end reality trumps all or at least it should.  One of the businessmen rents out one of his houses to a rapper.  I’m sworn to secrecy but just think the guy rapping about balling is renting and somewhere there’s a guy, his landlord, in virtual anonymity balling out of control.  Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

The show was an absolute blast, thank God.  Nothing more awkward then hanging out after a show with a crowd that didn’t like you….in a house!

“You’ll get em next time champ.  Can you pass the remote?”
Dwayne Perkins, Author of “Hot Chocolate for The Mind” and an overall good guy.