Go Deep, Me!

Ever see something that impresses you as much as it gives you pause? Something that your brain couldn’t quite categorize but also couldn’t let go? Something that you have to shake off lest you spend countless hours and possibly money trying to figure out? Okay, I didn’t see something that compelling but almost. I saw a guy on a bike throwing a frisbee to himself. I’ll say it again while you cue up the visual in your mind. A guy on a bike, flinging a frisbee in the air, and then riding his bicycle along it’s path and catching it at the end of its flight.

He was playing catch with himself! I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed or sad. I watched 5 throws and he didn’t drop once. The eye hand implications are through the roof but so are the social ones. I mean to master frisbee bike throwing, I imagine, takes practice. This wasn’t a case of friends occasionally flaking. This was this guys M.O. He’s taught himself one man frisbee. Why can’t he find a friend to play Frisbee? Is he insufferable or unlucky?

So, just to be thorough** I Goggled “bike frisbee” and apparently, it’s a thing. It’s an event in Ultimate Frisbee. I can’t believe we’ve made this a thing. What’s next the “Go to the movies by yourself” event, the “one man wave” at baseball games, air Patty Cake?

Okay, throwing a frisbee from a moving bike and catching it is awe-inspiring but so is having no friends. For different reasons of course. We already spend too much time in front of our computers (says the guy typing his blog on his computer), and we’d rather text than talk, now we’re going out of our way to turn necessarily group activities into solo endeavors.

Think about it. Even at these Frisbee competitions. Many people show up with their bikes and frisbees and don’t throw them at each other.

Civilization implications aside I may have to learn bike frisbee. It was too cool looking not to. Don’t worry though, I’m going to do it on a tandem bike.

** Okay to be even more thorough, i looked at more videos and apparently some people throw frisbees from a bike to other people on on bikes. Okay, that’s pretty amazing. Make it a lighted frisbee and you’re well on your way to real life Tron. Still seems a bit much. Why not mount an Ipad on the handle bars and ride, throw, read and play games all at the same time? I guess that would make it too much like driving a car. 🙂

Bike Frisbee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg2uqyc8kr0

2 thoughts on “Go Deep, Me!

  1. Mark

    ………………Squirrel Master? And here I was thinking Yeah, these guys got lucky on that quad.
    Never the less(most of the time) I really liked your piece on Conan(the talk show, but if you were in the movie, I’m sure that was…..never mind…) about the evolution of video games, fecebook, and *what all…..made me recall a time I was waiting at someone’s door……for a while…..and I noticed some kids across the street in the eight to twelve year range….about six or seven of them…..trying to play hide and seek. I say ‘trying’ because they didn’t seem to have the process as parts of their functioning somewhat wrinkle-free brains….Still no answer, so I kept watching this bizarre piece of evolution sort of come apart…..they were all arguing about who should hide, how many should seek, and what the seekers should do while the kids hiding were……and these weren’t shortbus frequent flyers…….just garden variety kids clueless about a simple outdoor activity…..No wonder Michele’s gotta get on the radio and tell kids to play …..Anyhow, thought this was somewhat germane. Much later, Mark

    *ever since hearing Andy Griffith’s redneck anthropologist describe football I love to say What-all………………………

    • Administrator

      hilarious. I once wrote a blog about a kid who couldn’t run. I mean seriously that’s all kids really have to do in between sitting down somewhere of course.

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