For the Stand-up comic wanting to build and maintain his fan base, a social media presence is a must. But you can’t just be on social media, you have to be active on social media. A fan and fellow personality told me 4 tweets a day is the bare minimum needed to keep and attract followers. That’s on top of writing killer bits to perform live, pitching show ideas, auditioning, writing a book*. It’s a lot is what I’m saying. A lot of free content. The subtext is “Entertain me! Do it in 140 characters blocks, do it for free and do it constantly!” A bum deal but it is what it is.

So some of my tweets are comedic gems. Others are reports, actual updates if you will and some fall somewhere in between. Sometimes I tweet random song lyrics without providing context. It’s easy because they’re already written and people who know the lyric feel like they’re in an exclusive, albeit non-illustrious, club. This works extremely well with hip hops lyrics. Hip Hop heads pride themselves on knowing all the lyrics to all Hip Hop songs ever made. If you flub there’s always another Hip Hop head nearby ready to revoke your Hip Hop Head status. So I post a Hip Hop lyric and then my followers who double as rap fiends chime in with either the next lines or their thoughts on the song (i.e. “I was ten when that song came out”, “that song reminds me of roller staking at The Empire back in the day”, stuff like that).

Now, “Dwyck” is an all time classic rap song. It features two of rap’s legendary groups, Nice & Smooth and Gang Starr. I posted a favorite line from that song, “Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is…” Instantly, I had dozens of comments. The rest of the verse was posted, spread out among 6 comments. Good times. Cyber reminiscing. Cyber community building. Nostalgia swelled and someone suggested I post the video to the song. Why didn’t I think of that? No really, why hadn’t I?

So I found the video on Youtube. To hear the phat beat and dope lyrics you had to first watch an ad. What struck me is that it was a Xerox ad for some high powered commercial copier. The copier promised to streamline your enterprise.  Enterprise streamlining before an old school hop hop classic? It begs the question, is Youtube’s ad assignment algorithm purely random or is classic hip hop fans the target audience for Xerox copiers.  I can see it both ways.

Maybe hip hops heads from twenty years ago are now making IT decisions.  Maybe people go to the video to jam and stumble upon a solution to making next quarter’s budget.  Everyone grows up, hopefully.  I wonder what goes through the minds of those who look up the video to rock out to songs of yesteryear, see the Xerox ad and actually find it useful.  Is the nostalgia tainted by the reality of their responsibilities.  Or is the nostalgia heightened because they thought they’d never get old yet here they are sending a link of a rap song to their operations guy and not for him to listen to the phat track (or should I say dope beat?)


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