Stamp Of Approval

So I was in my local post office picking up my held mail that, for some reason, wasn’t there because it was delivered.   I think my mail man deems himself an artist more than a person who provides a service.  He’s like the barber who won’t let you pick your own hair style.  Just sit in the chair and let them do their magic.  Although, I guess at that point of no longer following your wishes, they become hair stylists since barbers follow directions.  Sure, I said I would pick up my mail but my mail stylist was inspired to deliver it, a few days late.  I guess you can’t question inspiration.

While the guy helping me was in the back looking for my mail that wasn’t there, a person came in with a large envelope with 4 stamps on it.  Not wanting to wait in the long line, he handed the envelope to a clerk and said…

GUY SENDING LETTER:  Is there enough postage on this?

The clerk held the letter out in his hand, feeling the weight like you would two oranges that cost the same but you were inclined to get the one that weighed more.  Even if it weighed just a few ounces more.  And without putting the envelope on a scale the clerk said:

POST OFFICE CLERK:  You’re gonna need one more stamp.

Assuming that the clerk wasn’t being flippant, that’s an amazing ability to be able to tell  how much an envelope weighs to the nearest stamp count.  Seems this clerk may be able to tell face cards from number cards and go make a killing in poker games (Face cards have more ink on them thus weigh more)

I wonder if he’s married and does his ability to weigh things help or hurt him.

CLERK’S WIFE:  Do you think I’ve gained weight?

POST OFFICE CLERK:  Well, to send you first class it would take 27 more stamps than before…on the other hand to send you express would cost the same.  What do you mean you don’t wanna go out anymore?

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