Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

A 10 second conversation in the elevator on the cruise ship I’m on served as a perspective builder for me. It didn’t give me pause as much as it slapped me in the face and made me pause.  I was  there in the lift with an elderly woman.  We both got in on the first floor.  This is where the crew stays so you don’t normally see passengers on that level unless they’re exiting or boarding the ship.  Staying down with the crew is cool but I feel like I’m the only one who wouldn’t be able to help if something went down.   I made a note to myself to learn how to tie a few knots so I can at least fill in if all the other knot makers get sick.  By the way, they don’t like when you answer everything with an “ay ay captain.”  Who knew?

The lady was coming from the nurse’s office. The ship is really choppy today so I figured she had gone for some dramamine as I too was teetering on the edge of cookie tossing.  As she stepped off the elevator she said to me.  “My sister and I finally took our first cruise…and she fell and broke her hip.”  I barely had enough time to say how sorry I was to hear that before the elevator door closed.

My first thought was how sad that these elderly ladies looked forward to this trip for who knows how long and when it finally happened this injury also happened. Is it just fate, something to not be questioned, or is it a wake-up call to me and others to stop and smell the roses before doing so breaks your hip? Of course I got off the elevator and came to write this blog.  Should I have taken heed to the cautionary tale and maybe gone and challenged a blue hair to a game of shuffle board?  I guess fun and duty are a precarious balance.  I guess it’s also silly to refer to a blog as duty.  That’s just it though.  It’s like fun and duty.  And carpal tunnel is more a risk than hip breakage, even if I am still blogging into my twilight years.  Of course then we probably won’t type anymore. Just think the blog and it’ll be uploaded directly into all my “readers” heads.

I’ve never heard of someone breaking a hip in classic tales or in the Bible.  Maybe back then you just fell and died and they didn’t really pinpoint that it was the hip.  Or maybe people fell less?  I’d like to think it’s progress that we now know about hips and can treat them.  Maybe eventually even make the whole thing preventable.  I’m not sure how far off in the future we’re talking but in the meantime do something you’ve always wanted to  and stay on your feet.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what your hip can do today.


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