Odd Cargo

It’s always good to be back in New York City.  Even in the grips of a heatwave New York is still one of the coolest places on earth.  New York is cool not because of swank bars, eateries that have all of yelp buzzing or even because of our famous museums.  New York is cool because anything goes.  And not in that “look at me, I’m being different!” kind of way.  It’s not exactly live and let live either.  It’s “we’re all trying to live and are too busy to be overly concerned with any particular person’s crazy.”  Not caring about everyone equally.  To me that’s cool.

How the whole city doesn’t catch pneumonia every summer is beyond me .  The train stations feel like hell’s waiting room and the subway trains like the Iditarod.  The streets are stifling as New Delhi and the Starbucks are Antarctica.  It’s like every New Yorker goes thru Navy Seal training, every summer.

So I was on a downtown 1 train on Manhattan’s west side trying to will my body to not go into shock.  When something distracted me from the 30 degree drop in temperature.  A woman standing next to me holding a cage that housed two turtles.   No one asked why and she didn’t seem too concerned about offering up an explanation.  Not even a non-verbal nod acknowledging that she even had turtles.  If you just saw her face and not the turtles you would’ve thought she had a newspaper in her hand.

Who jumps on the train with turtles in tow?  What’s your mental image of a turtle transporter?  Maybe a comic book head?  Perhaps a lad in middle school?….. Did anyone have 55 year old black church lady?  In New York a black woman who looks like she’s on the deaconess board can carry two turtles on the train without anyone looking twice.

Pretty cool in my book.

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