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One of my favorite quotes is “Its’ never too late to be what you could’ve been.”  I love the of spirit the quote.  Even if it’s not always true.   If you’re 50 and sedentary, becoming a Cirque De Soleil aerialist may not be in the cards for you.  But you could take a yoga class at the learning annex or join the circus, albeit in a stationary clown capacity.

I inspired an older lady in a Portland Starbucks to buy a computer.  As always, when teaching you’re being taught and Jamie also inspired me.  She was 60 and about to get divorced.  Her first order of business was to buy herself a computer.   She said her husband always told her she was too stupid to use a computer.  I don’t know her husband but I will say that in my experience 65% of all criticism is projection.  What her husband meant was he’s too stupid and he would feel worse if she learned to use a computer before he did.  That’s how most hating works.  Please don’t do more because it makes me look and feel bad.

It’s one thing to have haters on the sideline, it’s another thing altogether to live with one. My empowered pre-senior had many plans for her new found freedom: world travel, computing, law school.   It seemed she had the wide-eyed enthusiasm that comes with being liberated from a debilitating regime.  Her new plans probably outweigh how much time she has to do them.  Girl power notwithstanding.  Still, I’m rooting for Jamie and what she stands for.  Everything thing starts with a spark, an inclination, a notion.  Every innovation started with someone saying…”ya know…maybe we could…”

I was inspired by Jamie because I still have relative youth and no oppressive overseer forbidding me to grow. If Jamie could break the shackles of a tyrannical husband and then make a go of it, at her age, then there’s no excuse for the rest of us.  Good luck Jamie and remember success is a journey.  She decided on an iPad.

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  1. my aunt was inspired by the OJ case to go to law school at age 50 (she was probably the only black person–at that time–who was 100% convinced he was guilty) so 60 may not be so bad… now whether she’ll ever get the chance to practice law is whole other story…

  2. me!

    I don’t know what sort of organizational system you use to keep the random stuff in reserve for future possible use (index cards, spiral notebook, laptop). And of course it doesn’t matter because whatever system you’re using, it’s obviously working for you.

    Just tell me that that “stationary clown capacity” is safely filed along with “glass unicorn collection,” and I will be happy.

    • Administrator

      Thanks! i think my storage is here on my blog site. I search on certain words that I remember writing once. I’ve been toying with creating some sort of electronic repository (i guess that would be a database) but i think good ole index cards might be a simple yet effective solution. That way when the machines take over or data is official commandeered, I’ll have my nuggets tucked away in a book bag as I roam the post apocalyptic world.

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