the great spaghetti save of '09About 3 times a day, I do something that would be slightly impressive if anyone were present but isn’t monumental enough to actually call someone up and share it with them.  Like when the soap slips out of my hand in the shower and I catch it with my other hand.  Or I drop a mug in my kitchen and break it’s fall with my foot ala a hackie sack ball and the mug emerges unscathed.

Never mind that it’s usually carelessness or clumsiness that sets up these semi-semi-death defying feats.  I like to focus on my cat like reflexes on the back end and not my two left hands on the front end.  It’s like I’m the person at the hospital who pulls the plug on a patient just to play hero and bring them back from the brink with CPR.  Except, usually no one’s there to see my feats or pat me on the back — So I’m not “creating” these scenarios to garner praise from others.  That’s what my blog is for. 🙂

So, I experienced unwarranted delight when I dropped a napkin in Starbucks while writing with another comic, caught the napkin between my thumb and index finger just before if touched the floor and my friend said, “Nice catch.”

If he only knew the half of it.  It would’ve been too braggadocios to tell him about the time the pot slipped out of my hands while straining spaghetti and I adjusted the colander underneath with one hand while barely clutching the massive spaghetti pot with the other hand and didn’t loose a single noodle.  No, I’ll take that to the grave.