So just to be clear.  The new iphone has a smart assistant named Siri built into it who speaks back to you and helps you with things right?  And we’re all cool with this?  Even after the countless movies we’ve seen where the robots power up one day and stop being so friendly?

Technically, according to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Siri is about 10 years late and lagging way behind in sinisterness.  In a Space Odyssey, The computer Hal was kind of a “nickname for a guy named Richard” but I’m sure he started out like Siri all nice and helpful.  It would go to your head too If you could process 92 trillion operations per second.

In Terminator The Skynet super computer bombs the world on the same day it became “Self Aware” on August 29th 1997*. Only 25 days after its activation by the way.  The writing isn’t only on the wall it’s on your Netflix account, your DVD collection, your book shelf (if you still have one) and on your e-reader.  Yet we’re marching like sheep toward our battle with the machines.  The same machines we created.  I know I sound a little doomsday-ee.  But I actually think the machines (or Extra Terrestrials if you like that scenario better) will force us humans to ban together and treat each other better.  Maybe.

Most people already can’t use a telephone book, drive without GPS or recite more than 4 phone numbers.  Next on the chopping block is typing and driving.  We already have a machine that vacuums a whole room while you sit and catch up on Jersey Shore episodes.

When an underpaid athlete is a key player on his team, he’ll usually renegotiate his contract the next year.  I know you think computers don’t have a soul but maybe their soul is their list of instructions they’ve been programmed with coupled with their new ability to now learn.**   So when the computers realize that they exist, their next step will be to realize they run everything, and their next step will be to realize that we’re not worthy.  Then it’s lights out, literally and figuratively.

Heck the computers probably won’t even let me finish this b…….

** (see what the article says about the year 2018)