Oldie But Goodie

I did a show in Hollywood last Saturday night and the comic before me was 92 years old.  He started comedy when he was a wily 91.   He actually did very well and was quite astute at joke telling.

Right now you might be feeling bad about yourself.  You should, but you should also be emboldened that the adage that it’s never too late to be what you could’ve been is a real thing.  I don’t see Max selling out the Staples Center or starring in a buddy cop action comedy* any time soon but to have your health and wits about you enough to tell jokes at 92 is amazing.

A 92 year old gets the same crowd support that an 8 year old would get.  The audience wants them to do well and is already impressed that they’re even on the stage.  It’s adorable.  The fact that Max hit every joke dead on was a very welcomed bonus.

What have we learned?  For 1 comedy obviously keeps the mind sharp and secondly it’s never too late.  So pick up the phone and get the old band back together.

*QSN(Quick Side Note): If Max did star in an action buddy cop movie what would it be called?

    • Old But Not Yeller
    • Geriatric Tactics
    • I’m Actually Too Old For This [email protected]$t!
    • The Early Bird Special
    • Stop! or I’ll Poop

5 thoughts on “Oldie But Goodie

  1. lol good stuff, its kind of weird that as i read this i noticed i was hearing it in your voice. how do i follow your blog? i dont see that option.

    • Administrator

      Thanks for the comment Brian. I’m not sure how to follow. I know I should know. Let me tinker and I’ll let you know what I come up with. You can also read my blogs at http://www.averyfunnyblog.com


  2. klekle

    – Lethal Walker
    – Prune Juice Sunset
    – Maniac AARP Regional President
    – Die Hard 5: Die Peacefully During The Night Surrounded By Family & Friends
    – Tango & 15% Senior Discount (Monday thru Thursday only)

    • Administrator

      Lethal Walker! Ha. Throw a “Texas” between Lethal and Walker and you’ve got yourself a pretty good TV show.

  3. klekle

    I kinda want try and write Maniac AARP Regional President, just to see what I can come up with… innocent Gen X and Y’ers are being brutally murdered in the streets of Tallahassee FL by a crazed AARP Regional President wielding a modified aluminum cane equipped with a secret deadly arsenal… its up to 28yr old local comic book store owner and amateur PI Tucker Hunter and his ragtag group of 20-something pals to stop the sadistic senior’s senseless slaughter spree….

    I clearly need a day job…

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