A while back I wrote about the frequent but implausible way things happen in twos.  I coined the occurrence a God Wink.  Say the word “ramp” then you hear someone on TV say the word “ramp” a beat after you.  That’s a God Wink.  Just a little nudge that suggests the randomness may not be that random after all.  Though clearly beyond our scope of current understanding.

I recently listened to a set I did in Sacramento.  Watching yourself is tough but if you don’t know your past…  I was doing my new favorite joke. In the joke a disgruntled person at a hospital asks to speak to a manager.  Don’t worry I haven’t given away the meat and potatoes of the joke.  While my made up character was complaining to a made up worker some guy in the audience near my camera was complaining to a real waitress and demanding to speak to a real manager.   Apparently his beef was over the two drink minimum.  Seemed he thought getting a hot tea and then having it refilled should count as two drinks.    I didn’t notice while I was on stage.  A sign of the professionalism of the Punchline staff.  Also, a sign that I was doing well and the laughter of the less miserly patrons drowned out Old One Tea Willie.

The man actually said the word manager a beat after my character did.  I could tell at that point he was no longer listening to me so we independently asked to speak to a manager at the same time.  Neither my character or One Tea Willie got what they wanted but I got a God Wink and another reason to suck it up and watch one of my sets every now and then.

Quick Side Note:

I once experienced a God Wink on my way to get pho(Vietnamese noodle soup)