I wrote a blog just 12 hours ago about seeing Charlie Murphy do stand-up.  Two thumbs up for darkness.  In that blog I mention some of the other actors turned comics who didn’t fare as well as C. Murphy.  Most notable are Charlie Sheen and everyone’s favorite house guest Kato Kaelin.

I wasn’t prepared to see Kato Kaelin in person just 4 hours after I posted the blog.  The world is a small place when you’re putting people on blast.  I felt bad because I could see Kato in the audience enjoying my stand-up.  The harder he laughed the worse I felt.   What if he really dug my stuff and decides to look me up.  Maybe read my blog and the 1st thing he reads is me tearing him a new one.

I don’t take back what I said.  I think Kato would agree that Stand-up wasn’t his bag.  His sitting in the audience skills are impeccable though. Seriously, if I had an extra house, I’d let him stay in it.

Maybe my next blog will be about Gabrielle Union.