I walked into Starbucks near Queensway Rd. in the Bayswater section of London. 6 months ago I was in there almost daily for a span of 3 weeks.  6 months before that I was in there daily for a different 3 week span.  It felt like I had just been there the day before as opposed to 6 months prior.

The same two baristas anchored the coffee bar. Did they recognize me? Did they wonder why I’m a fixture for 3 weeks at a pop then disappear for 6 months?  If I was friendly enough or odd enough during my 3 week spans, could I lead them to believe that I live in London?

Then I wondered about their lives.  What had transpired since our last tea/money exchange.  Had they found love, lost love.  Maybe this guy/girl barista duo dated but thought it wiser to remain friends.  Maybe they’re magical in the Starbucks galley but clash in real life and had to learn the hard way that foam and love don’t mix.  Or maybe they had been too busy with life’s day in and day out drudgery to reach any milestones.  Maybe nothing significant has happened in that time frame. Or, maybe no outward change took place but revelations had.  Maybe epiphanies not visible to the naked eye had transformed them into new beings.

Then back to me.  Was I a better person? An improved comic?  Maybe my goals should be synced with these UK trips.  Maybe I’ll comprise a list of things to do before I see the dynamic duo again.  Or maybe they’ll have moved on when I come back.

I remember being 5 years out of college, living in Boston and people in front of my mother’s New York building me asking me how school was going.  Did they think I was pursuing a triple doctorate or had they let time pass them by?  Next time I’m in Bayswater, I must tell the friendly baristas of all my travels and biddings. That is, if the line behind me isn’t too long.