When I think of things that are useless, hotel turn down service is near the top of the list.  So someone comes to your room and basically starts the comforter move for you but only slightly in one corner.  Does anyone have this service at home?  Is anyone so rich or so pampered that they need someone to put a crease in their comforter at night?

Maybe these same people pay someone to open potato chip bags for them or rub their eyes in the morning.

Hey fancy hotel:  If you want to check my mini bar, just ask.  Don’t enter my room under the guise of performing the most meaningless and borderline insulting task you can think of.  If you must come in, how about you loosen the nazi comforter tuck at the bottom of the bed.  Muay Thai champion kick boxers can’t kick those comforters loose.

Just give me free wifi and plenty of tea and I’ll put the do not disturb sign out.  So the bed never gets made.  Can’t turn down a mess.  Are we still talking about beds or my dating life?  🙂