Ain’t No Party Like a Dubai Party…

So After my show in Dubai I went to a night club in the Address Hotel in the Dubai Mall. It’s apparently the largest mall in the world. The “est” suffix comes up a lot when speaking about Dubai. The root words in front of the “est” range in opinion and prespective.

I went to the Republique bar to catch up with my man Samer. He promotes the night. Yes, I catch up with people in Dubai. I get there to find Samer is spinning on the one and twos. Which at this point in history is the one and twos, and CD makes three, PC makes four and so on. He’s a multi-media movement as much as he is a DJ. The place was packed. The lovelies were lovely and plentiful so the guys were happy and civil. I walk in and the crowd is completely jamming out to MJ’s “Black Or White” with the accompanying video playing on the projection screens. Not the MJ song you would expect to hear at the peak of the night at a dance club but it was definitely a precursor for what was musically in store. Samer kept the party motivated with a mix of songs that felt like they came from a well rounded person’s Ipod. “Black and Yellow” kept things lively but House of Pain’s “Jump Around” was received almost as well as new cars from an Oprah audience. Great songs are timeless as everyone knew all the words and I was probably older than 85% of the crowd. Too old for the club? Again, I was supporting Samer.

The latest hits were met with game dance faces and the house/arab song set bought things to the brink. I bid Samer adieu as I had to get up early and attend to my work grid. I felt that Daft Punk’s “One More Time” was a more than solid swan song. Not sure if Samer took my exit attempt as a challenge but just before I reached the door he kicked things in hyper gear by playing Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” It was like a shot of adrenaline. Even the Philipino waiters joined in with head bobbing while reciting every line. I can’t leave while dude who loves apple pies from Mcdonalds is playing. As “Empire State of Mind” wrapped up I was more than content and I turned to leave. Samer forced my hand again by playing Notorious BIG’s “Hypnotize”. (unh, unh, unh…Ha sicker than your average…) Damn you Samer! I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. Why won’t you let me leave. I’m in the Middle East and Brooklyn is not only in the building, it’s in the hearts of the people. Okay, now I can leave. But wait, says Samer thru his musical selection. He threw on Montell Jordan’s “This is How we Do it” Okay this was now officially an intense cardio workout. I know each generation thinks their music is better but it’s funny how he took it to the mid nineties to really set it off.

Then it got surreal. After Montell Jordan made the crowd go ape crap. Brian Adam’s “Summer of 69” plays on the video screens. Every person was singing every word. I wonder what that says about different eras of music? Then he played Gun N Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” and they took it to church. Most people, myself included, doing the patented Axle sway. I swayed out the door and heard the beginning of “Flashdance” as I hopped into a cab. Who knows where Samer ended up. Led Zeppelin? Motown? The people seemed down for whatever.

If I had to do it all over again, I would switch to music. It’s crazy to have your thoughts said or sung to melody and enjoyed all the world over. Then again, I’m here doing comedy in Dubai so I guess I’m spreading my gospel. One room at a time.

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