Our Song Reclaimed

A while ago I wrote a blog about being at a family outing.  The proceedings were a love fest but the ghost of lost promise seemed to haunt our collective psyche.  This was highlighted and perhaps facilitated by the song “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” being played. The song is a black anthem, my favorite song, but also a reminder of the promise 1979 held.  Promise that the tumultuous and drug riddled 80’s and 90’s denied urban folk all throughout our great nation.  Many of my oldest and most faithful readers say it’s my best blog to date.  I guess what I’m trying to say is…read it!

On another note: I felt bad that I had a bitter sweet connection to my favorite song of all time.  Alas, a song is not a destination but a journey and “Ain’t no stopping us now” is a battle cry for all people for all generations.  I didn’t envision that not even 4 years later a new context would be forged to and by my favorite song.  An association that provides a new promise and a new more pleasant and less ironic mental imagery that my favorite song will conjure up in my mind.

I am truly my mother’s child in that I share her aversion to sharing certain bits of information, especially anything pending.   I barely told people about my pilot I shot for Comedy Central last year. (I’m getting better 😉 I also told few people that my little brother was in Medical school.  A fact that warms my cockles way more that my very own pilot could, even if it had been picked up.

So, last Friday, my brother graduated from Medical school and he starts his residency in a month.  We don’t come from the type of family that produces doctors but now because of my brother’s ability to conceive it and will to achieve it, we do.  You couldn’t measure how proud I am of my brother or how grateful I am to him, my family and God with all the rulers in Staples and Office Depot combined. (or all the tea in China for that matter :-))

The graduation was almost anti-climatic given the gravity of their accomplishment.  We took pictures of the dignified ceremony, ate at Pio Pio and went home.  We partied Brooklyn style the next day.  We topped off the music and starch-a-thon with a slide show of pictures from the graduation and our families’ “journey.”  Windows Media Center provided the snazzy transitions and Youtube provided the background music…”Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.”  Thirty years later and the song was right…. And now it looks like things are finally coming around.

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