Sing Like No One is Watching

The second I turn the ignition in my car, it becomes a karaoke bar on wheels with me playing the role of the guy whose turn it always is.  I have a good time driving and I’m sure the other drivers get a kick out of my antics.

My singing in the car days may be numbered though.  Half vanity and half saving my voice has caused me to adopt a style of cupping one hand near my ear while I karaoke on the freeway.  Which I’m sure looks like I’m on the phone from afar.  For me it’s the best way to tell if I’m on pitch.  How will I explain to a cop that I wasn’t on the phone, I just sing like I’m cutting an album?

ME: You see officer I was merely simulating a studio session…isolating my voice to ensure proper tone and vocal integrity…Have you ever seen the “We Are the World” Video? Uh sure, here’s my license and registration…

I’ve tried not doing the ear cup but then I can’t hear myself as well.  Maybe I should enjoy the voices of the professional singers and rappers coming from my speakers.  A novel idea indeed.

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