I was practicing typing while listening to the Economist magazine on line.  I type blogs, scripts and jokes but I’m far from a typist.  I read the Economist magazine but I’m far from an economist.  I actually think the entire study of economics is a bit flawed.  Technological advances along with good old fashioned human nature seem to necessitate changes in economic theory and wealth distribution that haven’t taken place yet.

My support of the previous statements goes beyond the scope of my light hearted feel good blog.  But I offer you this video I watched on the Economist online as snack for thought.

Dr. Michio Kaku is predicting where technology will go in the next one hundred years.  He describes a world much like that in the movie Terminator but thinks it will be groovy.  If you have 4 minutes please watch and see if you were scared silly like I was.

Some Questions/comments for Dr. Kaku:

1)   If computers can read your mind and robots can build cars then why can’t they pick up trash?! (Mr. Kaku seems to think the robots will eliminate many jobs but not trash removal.  Huh?!)

2)   Robots will be able to do construction.  If they’re that advanced wouldn’t they be able to do anything we do?*

3)   When we no longer have to work, when there’s no labor, how will resources be distributed?  People either have to be paid based on a new set of criteria (funny blogs perhaps) or we slip into some weird high-tech welfare state.

4)   When people can live forever and don’t have to work, will it make sense to let useless people live forever?  After we eliminate all reality TV stars how will we determine who else is useless?

If you think this video is scary the one before this was about the production of human-like robot eyes that can zoom.

*I recently blogged about a supercomputer on Jeopardy.  IBM’s Watson dominated two former Jeopardy champs.  If fcomputers can dominate on Jeopardy, they can be taught to pick up trash!