A Stone’s Throw

They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but I say they can as long as they open a window first.  Run your hands over your glass dwelling until you find your window.  Your “window” is a small hole in your translucent igloo that makes you different than the person you’re about to pelt with judgment pebbles. Perhaps an application of the glass house stone toss exemption is in order.

I was in London recently with a whole lotta of late-nite free time on my hands, a whole lotta stuff to do online and not a whole lotta free wifi.  Paying for internet in hotels or cafes went out with barbed-wire arm tattoos.  So when you get caught between the moon and London Town with computing needs and little computing options, you may have to head to the only thing open late in London, The Golden Arches.  I found a 24 hour McDonald’s in Kensington and set up shop.  The freaks do come out at night so I had to keep one eye on the screen and one eye on the hungry inebriated clientele.  I went to Mickey D’s four nights in a row at midnight and stayed until 3am.  And every night there was this guy there sitting in the same seat nursing a coffee.   I was about to label my fellow fixture a strange loser who hangs out in Mickey D’s every single night.  I almost hit print on my mental label maker when I realized…

Glass House:  … that I too had been hanging out at Mickey D’s every night…

Window: …Of course, I had work to do and I only went there for the free wifi and to get enough holes punched in my frequent tea card to earn a free tea before my exodus from Jolly Old…

Some windows aren’t opened as wide as the thrower would like.

This whole thing took me back to another glass house incident.  I was once in a McDonald’s in Massachusetts and the person helping me was a little mentally slow but definitely capable of fielding my order.  When the man helping me left to assemble my order the cashier at the next register made some disparaging remarks about him being slow and how it was a drag to work with him and blah blah blah.

Glass House:  You’re teasing someone based on lack of ability but they do the exact same job you do just as well as you do it.  Really? Aim high.

Window: N/A(There is no window and I hope she cut herself on a shard of glass)

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