By The Dashboard Flight

airplane dashboardDwayne’s the name and taking long flights are my game.  Nothing like getting in a movie or two, listening to Adele, Vampire Weekend, Kings of Leon, and watching a documentary on the plight of the African bee while you nosh on your in-flight vittles.

Another staple of long flights is the navigation page where you get to see where in the world is your plane.  The plane on these maps is always the size of Rhode Island and I spend a considerable amount of time wondering if we’re at the nose, the back or in the middle of the map’s giant plane.

Enter Air New Zealand with the best navigation page yet. Yes they offer the near life sized plane completely covering Nova Scotia en route to London but they also show a mockup of the plane’s dashboard.  What?  I get to fly this puppy…sort of?!  All I needed was a captain’s hat and a lollipop to look the part of the 10 year old this neat feature turned me into.

Having the dashboard also makes for great back seat flying.

ME:  I can see by the panel that we’re straight and level…wait a minute we’re dipping.  Adding more thrust? Cool I was gonna suggest that actually…. Yes, we’re banking left to cut down on wind resistance, my sentiments exactly.   Flight attendant, could you please let the captain know that Dwayne in 46G is smelling what he’s cooking.


That dashboard probably prevented me from getting in that forth movie.­

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