I love rooting against the team of the guy who paints his face. Very few things bring me as much joy as a despondent painted face. It’s the proper conclusion to a bad idea. Sometimes the painted guy’s team wins which only fuels his inner frat boy. Because his team is doing well his fellow non-painted fans around him get caught up in the jubilation and the wrongness of applying semi-gloss to your face gets swept under the victory rug.

As with all things, losing sheds a light on what’s wrong. Winning covers things up. A team can be undefeated all season and no one may say a word to the loud cheering life-size swatch who calls himself a fan. But upon said team losing the championship game it’s awesome to see the tolerant mob turn into and angry one. All of a sudden there’s no patience for the loud face painter. He’s now a mockery of what could have been. A jackass making the agony of defeat more agonizing.

Painting your face is like taking a half court shot during a game. It’s fine if it goes in but say hi to the dog house if you miss. Women don’t paint their faces and if they do it’s a little cute design on their cheek. This, I don’t have a problem with and seeing a girl with a painted cheek crying because her team lost is actually very not cool…unless she’s with the guy with the painted face.