It’s Better to Give…(Funny blog from Comedy Central and NBC Dwayne Perkins)

I’m not sure if I meet more odd characters than most people or if I’m just more acutely aware of my encounters with them.

I was recently in my home away from home. You might know it as Starbucks.

QSN: For the record I do patronize local mom and pop coffee shops and, in Southern California you might see me sipping on Milk Tea in your local Boba Tea house. The ubiquitousness of Starbucks and the never fail wi-fi forces my hand and sometimes makes the caffeinated Giant a must use establishment. Either that or work from home. And home is where the TV is. For the people still not with me, I ask you…why don’t you find a mom and pop social networking page and get your Farmville on there?…I thought so.

Back to the ‘Bucks. I was minding my business trying to get through my emails as Cat Stevens’ Greatest hits played on the PA system. As I involuntarily tapped my foot to “Morning Has Broken.” An unkempt woman materialized before me asking me to watch her stuff. She pointed way across the room to a heap of worldly goods in overflowing garbage bags and sacks. There were at least 6 people much better positioned for watch out duty then I was. In fact, I had to change my seat so as to keep her portable kingdom in my field of view. I don’t skimp on my look out responsibility. Especially when she went through the trouble of recruiting me personally for the job.


By the time she finished up in the bathroom “Morning Has Broken” had barely finished. Still, she was so appreciative of me looking after her things that she gave me 2 dollars. I tried to decline but she insisted that I take the money and buy a pastry. I humbly took the money. As I drove away from the Starbucks I saw that same woman trekking down the street with all those bags. It seemed she had no definitive destination in mind. I think a homeless person gave me 2 dollars. The coffee cake was bitter sweet.


QSN = Quick Side Note

One thought on “It’s Better to Give…(Funny blog from Comedy Central and NBC Dwayne Perkins)

  1. It’s all about likability, Dwayne. You’re a likable guy.

    How do you feel about productivity at Starbucks? It’s a solid establishment for the reasons you listed but when time comes for being creative in whatever form I really find the establishment to be imposing.

    I prefer the mom and pop stores more so for the quiet and subtle atmosphere than anything else. I remember reading a tweet from some author on Twitter about how they were at Starbucks working on their latest chapter. Whatever works for you I suppose, but I could never do that!

    Could you?

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