I have a thing for foreign currency. Other countries are leaps and bounds more creative with the design of their notes than we are. I also love that here in the states we say things like “it’s all about the green” or “it’s not about black and white, it’s about that green” These literary jewels hinge on all our money being the same color. All the other countries I have visited have all multi-colored notes. “It’s not about black or white, it’s all about purple… and orange… and silver holograms…and…”

Other countries also pull from outside of the old guy in a wig box to put scenery or animals on their currency.

U.S. HUSTLER: It’s all about the Benjamins baby!!
INTERNATIONAL HUSTLER: It’s all about the elephants and mountain ranges and picturesque landscapes mate.

So whenever I can put a foreign note aside instead of cashing it in, without taking too big of a hit, I do it. Money can also give insight to what a nation treasures and into their history as well.

My new prized possession is a 10 million dollar bill from Zimbabwe. A 10 million dollar bill that can probably get you a cup of coffee if you’re lucky. Best of all. It has an expiration date on it! Zimbabwe mainly uses US dollars as their own money has gone wayward. I’m not an expert on currency but somehow people lost faith in the Zimbabwe dollar, as money is only worth what the collective agrees it’s worth. And having an expiration date on money is not exactly a ringing endorsement from the government.

Can’t wait for the hit Zimbabwean game show: “Who wants to be a Gazillionaire Through the End of the Year.”

a white paper on the Zimbabwe dollar hyperinflation:

Warmest thanks to South African Comedian Tony for giving me the 10 Million dollar Bill.