I hope you caught my mention on the NBC nightly news. NBC happened to be in the Studio during an interview I did on a South African Radio Station. Shout out to KAYA Fm. I’ve been accused of having a horseshoe up my butt. You won’t hear any argument from me. I am lucky and I’m the first to admit it. One day you’re on a, dare I say, World Tour, albeit humble, and the next you’re on NBC national news back in your home country on a story about the biggest sporting event in all of sports. One day I’ll share more of my past but all this is very improbable if you knew my whole story. I’m not into the sob stories. I’d rather focus on the come-up. Anyhoo, Here’s a link to the story and a rap about my good fortune.


Serendipity drips over me paint me lucky
Right place at the right pace ain’t it lovely
When things fall in place, good grace seems to touch me
my ace keeps me safe it’s apparent that he loves me
reparations for past situations float above me
So I Stay in sunlight even night bounces off me
my past seems distant but it’s with me like an anchor
so I’m close to shore even on a world tour
no spiritual drift cause I’m aware of my gifts
treat’em with care like it’s December 26th
really no complaints it’s my family that I miss
never been a saint but the cameras say I’m this
Humbly I accept piggy back on my efforts
follow in my steps feelin’ blessed is what you left with
when those blessings come will you recognize them
I count mine daily so I’m rarely criticizing