Push My Buttons

Surely it can’t still be cool to push an unsuspecting person into a pool. You still see it in movies but with all the cell phones, flash drives and cameras in the world pushing someone in a pool could be the equivalent of taking all their worldly belongings. It’s time for movies to stop portraying this kind of vandalism as harmless horse play. If you push me in a pool you better make sure I have none of my electronic gadgets on me because after I finish crying…that’s your ass.

When I see this act being done in a movie or TV show I always think, how irresponsible of the producers to not make it clear that in this make believe world the pusher had already ensured that the pushee’s iPhone was under his chair. Or at least show the pusher suffering a terrible fate for not checking first.

PUSHEE: My blackberry is soaked. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’ bros, who’ll go to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blow torch…

I suppose if you suppose your friends have jerk tendencies then you should make any body of water a no electronics or cashmere sweater zone.

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