So I was recently in a Rite Aide in Hollywood California.  While spanning the aisles for travel sized lotion bottles and floss I spied a girl getting ready in the beauty aisle.  She was full on dolling up for the night right there in Rite Aid.  Is it shoplifting if you only use one application and you don’t even take the bottle out of the store?

I’ve long been a proponent of taking a squirt of lotion for the road.  I wouldn’t scream bloody murder if I bought a bottle of lotion with 2 squirts missing.  But this girl was using their mirror and various hair products with impunity.  All she needed was a lawn chair from the household section and she could have set up a full Salon right there on aisle 6.

How was she getting away with it?  The Rite Aid on Fairfax and Sunset has bigger fish to fry than coming down on a person making the hair product aisle her personal medicine cabinet.  They have to deal with panhandlers blocking the entrance, people sleeping in nooks and crannies in the store, shoplifters taking entire boxes from the store room and crazed sugar junkies screaming for ice cream.*

Miss primp actually went about her business with reckless calm.  I can’t imagine she could have been any more comfortable at home than she was there under the Rite Aid fluorescents with muzack playing.

A few days later and I’m still not sure if I think she’s one righteous dudette or a menace to society.  I respect her hustle but can’t help thinking that her total disregard for rules may be a bad thing for either society or those close to her.

But it squarely proves one of my longstanding theories.  Act like you belong and people won’t bother you.  Besides the lack of precedence her commitment to acting like nothing was wrong probably kept the Rite Aid workers at bay.

*Rite aid sells fresh ice cream. Really good for 1.29 a scoop. You say Coldstones and I say Rite Aid…Let’s call the whole thing off…