Well, not exactly but it does get me amped.  I’m not suggesting we censor rap or anything but we should be mindful.  Words are powerful.  Words spoken over a beat by someone with charisma and swagger are potent. I recently quoted Notorious B.I.G. in a blog. To make sure I had the quote right I youtubed “Who Shot Ya?”  I was instantly transported to Brooklyn, mid ninetie s. As soon as I heard the beat with the “As we proceed…” I was amped.  I was sitting in Starbucks chomping on a Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon with Egg White sandwich and I was charged.  Luckily I didn’t have my good headphones that encase my ears.  Surely the sounds pumping through those headphones would have resulted in me punching the man sitting at the table next to me.

It was 8am and I wanted to get a mosh pit going.  Biggie’s voice on that track is so hard. It taps directly into the riotous section of your brain.  Have you ever been at a party when “I Ain’t Never Scared” comes on?  Or an early nineties party when Onyx’s “Slam” came on?  It’s like you wanna punch someone.  Hell, you don’t even mind getting punched.

Have you ever tried to write a quirky blog while listening to Biggie?  It’s a tall order.  To get through my blog I had to change songs.  I put on some Michael Buble to bring me down.  Well, I had to finish my blog and plus it wasn’t cool to be feeling so aggressive in a Starbucks in Eagle Rock, California at 8am.

There’s no denying Rap is influential.  If Rap can have such an instant effect on a methodical philosopher such as myself, I shudder to think what it can do to impulsive or impressionable minds.

It’s powerful stuff.  Anytime you can make a room full of women rub themselves…and it be cool…you know you’re dealing with something crazy.

For me, I can translate the literal words of rap into my own mental discourse. So “throw your guns in the air” is pure energy.  And that energy fills me but I don’t take the advice literally.  For me, “throw your guns in the air” means“, “let your self go and tap into your raw energy and let it propel you into a higher strata.”  But what percentage of people do this internal editing?  And, is it the inappropriateness of their words to begin with that makes people get hyped? Could Biggie’s voice rapping about love or American History make me Head Butt people in Starbucks?

I guess I’ll leave that question to the experts…assuming that they are some out there.