So I recently started doing the P90X workout routine. I was a fan of the infomercial but was resigned to watching the commercial and picking up a few moves. So my workout was P90X inspired. But Santa Claus was very good to me on my birthday. What? You thought Santa only delivered on Christmas. Perhaps you’re not on the “really nice” list. This year Santa got me a Sony E-reader and the P90X workout set. Apparently Santa wants me to be a well read Adonis. Challenge accepted.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take your body through a complete metamorphosis:

I accept but here’s the problem, and this doesn’t come from my Brooklyn tendency to brag… I’m not a good before picture. It’s like I’m on day 30 already. A fact that I’m proud of but they won’t use the testimony of a guy who got a little better. I thought about letting myself go for a month to make a better before picture but my vanity wouldn’t let me get like that and then take pictures of it to boot.

I’ve made the mistake of telling people I’m doing P90X. A mistake amplified now that I’m telling the whole Blog-o-Sphere. So now the pressure is on for me to become an action figure. So long bread. I love bread so it’s questionable if I’ll be able to really get ripped. My close friends have already said they think my body won’t change.

But I can’t go out like a sucker. I’ll just have to get used to being slightly hungry all the time. I’m sure people in third world countries don’t eat til they have to loosen their belts while triumphantly rubbing their bellies.

On perk is now I can workout in my boxer briefs. Laundry was dominating my life, well sorta. Now I can workout at home like an action movie villain with no shirt on while wearing my blue tooth…10, 11, 12, have you taken care of our little friend…

I’ve always wanted to be in action hero shape so…here goes nothing.