Black People Can’t dance(Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

Okay now that I’ve got your attention let me explain the title of this blog.  It’s not that Black people can’t dance.  We can, especially yours truly.  I just think this consensus that white people can’t dance is wrong.

QSN: As with any generalization, I realize that I’m painting with very broad strokes.  But I’m painting an imprecise picture for affect.

The theory shared by people, including many white people, is that white folks dance off beat.  But it’s all about framing.  I say, they’re not married to the beat.  Which makes for a much more interesting artistic choice.  Who wants 5,6,7,8 when they can watch a person immerse himself into a song on his own terms instead of the terms set forth by the unforgiving firm hand of the beat.

It’s not about rhythm per say.  It’s about being free and untethered.  I can watch a baby walking for hours. It’s a pure form of entertainment.  Will the baby fall?  Will she stop?  Where will she go?  What direction will she go in?  She almost fell 5 times but kept going…the suspense is killing me.  That’s fun to watch because it’s unpredictable and ever changing.

Cut to a white guy at a wedding going all out.  Will he bump into another person?  He’s awfully close to the speaker wire?  Is that beer he’s dancing with full?  That’s more fun than say watching a boy band doing a polished dance number, right?

The moral is that whatever you do, if you have fun and are carefree while you do it, it’ll probably be well received.  The white guy who’s dancing and appears to be in pain is painful to watch.  But the guy loving life, albeit to the beat of a distant non-present drummer, is quite enjoyable.

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