As luck would have it some friends of mine scored some Jay-Z tickets and invited me to accompany them to his show. As Poetic Justice would have it the show in question is in New York. To say I’m stoked about the show would be an understatement. But still, I keep my excitement understated

I mentioned to a friend I was heading to New York for a visit highlighted by a Jay-Z concert. I’m not sure if it was my cool delivery or the Brooklyn connection but my friend, who I have known for years, who’s been to my place, knows what I drive and how much my mortgage is says to me…

MY FRIEND: That’s cool about the show. Do you know Jay-Z?

What?! If I knew Jay-Z my friend, you and everyone I know would know that I know Jay-Z. I would work that in as much as possible. I would need a protective case because I would drop it all the time.

ME: It is unseasonably warm. It’s funny because I was just saying the same thing to Jay-Z…yes that Jay-Z. Hov said it wasn’t unseasonably warm. Wait till I call Sean and tell him other people also think it’s warm. You know Jay’s internal thermostat has been off since we were kids.

The bigger point to be made is my friend thinks enough of me to think I run with the likes of Jay-Z. Knowing my financial standing, more or less, my friend must think my talent is great enough to grant me entree to that strata of show business. Perhaps my friend thinks 2nd and 3rd tier Brooklyn representers rub elbows with the 1st tier Brooklynites. Or maybe we report to them on our progress to further our great borough.

JAY-Z: Dwayne, please give your status report…ya heard.

DWAYNE: Well, last month I mentioned Brooklyn in 8 blogs and I’ve written 3 new jokes that touches upon Brooklyn and last week I wore shirts with the word Brooklyn on it 4 times…Don’t you think Beyonce should sit in on these status reports.?

I don’t know Jay-Z yet but I know his songs and they speak to me so it seems like I know him. My wish is that people will listen to my comedy read my blogs and get a sense that they know me. Don’t get back cuz you DO know me like that…