I like a pretty girl as much as the next guy but this thing of casting way too young women to play older roles is getting ridiculous.  I keep seeing TV mothers who look 4 years older than their supposed daughters.  It’s a mind screw.  Obviously, to get on TV, for the most part, you have to be empirically good looking.  The programmers have a better chance of the viewers watching if the people being transmitted are desirable.  As that means more people will watch the commercials.  Good looking people are the bridge between soap powder and the viewing public.  Much like stand-up comics are the bridge between watered down drinks, greasy appetizers and people looking for something to do on a Saturday night.  Because they’re being entertained people will brave a two drink minimum or sit through a life insurance commercial to get another glimpse of that beautiful woman who they were promised would be shown “after these messages.”

So good looking people dominate the television landscape.  Fine.  But I think some line is crossed when a TV mother of 3 teenagers looks like she’s 27.  I’m sure there are 27 year old women with 3 teenage kids but that story isn’t quirky, charming or heart felt.  It’s a bit more understandable when the show’s angle is that the mom started young.  Many times, that’s not the angle.  The producers are just trying to double up on the show’s hotness quotient.   A veritable two-fer.

I try my darnedest to look my best, but this worshiping youth has gone too far.  We all get to be young and if we’re lucky, we get to be old.  No one gets to be young twice.   That’s why we came up with the phrase young at heart.   I’m not saying moms shouldn’t look good or have ambitions separate from being a mom.  But think of the billions of dollars that can be made if you make moms feel pressure to compete with women ½ their age.   Maybe the demand for youth is already there and moms would seek out products and techniques to restore youth no matter what.  Or maybe turning on your TV and seeing moms that could just as easily be on MTV spring break is creating the youth demand and ultimate discontentment.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.  Moms rock.