One key to success is to multiply yourself. You can’t be in two places at the same time, yet, but you can collaborate, delegate and multi-task. Until Best Buy sells cloning machines the aforementioned tactics are the ways to get more life bang for your buck.

I’m all about writing with my talented friends and I’ve been known to listen to my Espanol tapes while I Tae-Bo at home. So I thought I’d bone up on acting techniques while I sat on transcontinental flight.

I downloaded a book called Method Acting into my smart phone’s e-reader. I haven’t studied Method Acting but I figure it has worked rather swimmingly for Robert Deniro so why not read up on it.

I was about 3 pages in when I finally realized my book wasn’t about acting at all. I had downloaded an erotica book about 2 hot and heavy actors. For the first two pages I thought to myself, Method Acting is a lot like soft porn. Then by page 3 I thought…This is soft porn. I’m no quitter, so I read on.

I was amused by the way the author mixed scientific terms with the filthiest street terms. I think actual porn actors should be forced to do this as well.

PORN CHICK: Coital me baby! Give me your cocker spaniel .

PORN DUDE: You like my reproductive organ, don’t you?

Turns out the girl in the book was a method actor, hence the title. I won’t give away the ending…but…they had sex.

I tried to bone up on my acting and instead got a book about boning…and some pointers. Check out “Method Acting” by Reed Manning.