When in doubt, I think any singer should bring in a black gospel choir, or African singers to sing back-up. Gotta a so-so song? Bring in the Chicago Mass Choir to belt out the la la la’s. Now you have a mild hit.  Gotta hit record? Let some black women in kente Cloth sway behind you echoing your chorus. Now it’s epic.  It may be a strength in numbers thing but more likely it’s America’s deep rooted love for motherly black women.

QSN: Motherly is the key. For centuries the symbol of domestic activitiy was a rotund friendly black woman. America’s love for the “Around the Way girls” I grew up with doesn’t run quite as deep. Although, I got nothing but love for ’em.

I wish I could test my theory. I truly believe Lou Bega could release Mambo Number 6 tomorrow if he had some strong black women singing back up. He just needs a little Mahalia in his life.

Great Elvis Costello song,Everyday I Write The Book, made a little better by some groovy singers, one who happens to be a young Carol Wheeler from the group Soul to Soul.