Passing the Bucks

Here’s an excerpt of a conversation I heard between two Starbucks workers in New York.

WORKER 1: Yo, you know Sam is allergic to mocha right?

WORKER 2: Word?

WORKER 1: Yeah he can’t even touch it or he’ll break out, yo.

WORKER 2: Word?

WORKER 1: But it’s only Starbucks chocolate that makes him break out. Crazy right?

WORKER 2: Word.

This Sam sounds like my kind of guy.  Get a job then find a loophole that precludes you from doing nearly half the work required of you.  Before the manager of this Starbucks embarks on an exhaustive study to isolate the ingredient in their mocha powder that might be an allergenic, I suggest they check old Sam’s character.

His story might check out but even if it does doesn’t it simply mean he can’t work at Starbucks.  I mean I can’t join the circus as a tight rope walker and then spring my fear of heights on them on my first day of work.

ME: Guys, I’m actually deathly afraid of heights.  But I’m cool standing on the platform and waving.  I’ve really spend a lot of time getting my wave down pat…so you guys balance and I’ll wave…cool?

I wanted to chime in but I bit my tongue, ordered my Awake tea, Grande with one tea bag and went on my way.

One thought on “Passing the Bucks

  1. Deana

    Naturally, I must begin by busting you for frequenting a Starbucks, especially in a place like New York, where independent shops abound. You better be hitting up Swork now that you're back home.

    But you're quite sharp for being hep to this cat's angle, and for getting away with quality eavesdropping so often. The Nosey Scamp Society salutes you.

    Glad you're back.

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