So I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa with my good friend David Kau.  We’re at his house watching “South Africa’s Got Talent.”  I never watch these kind of shows but when in Jo-Burg…Plus I was tired and jet lagged so a mind numbing talent show was probably just what my brain needed.  I was willing to roll the dice on the impact on my soul.

Just when I thought my soul would cry one prolonged tear, a commercial came on that rejuvenated not only my soul but my mind and body as well.  For years American stars have been secretly dipping over to Europe or Asia and pushing products for the man.  And why not?  I know I would sell toothpaste in the Netherlands if it meant I get to keep my house and not become a cast member of the Surreal Life.

So I perked up when a Castle Light commercial came on pushing their new Ice beer and Vanilla Ice appeared on the screen dancing and rapping Ice Ice Baby.  The commercial was hilarious and I’m officially giving much props to Vanilla Ice and to South Africa for getting the joke and letting Vanilla Ice get in on the joke.

If you want people to laugh with you and not at you then you simply have to join them in the laughter.

Ask yourself, would you rather work for UPS for 30 years or have one hit record and spend the rest of your life traveling the world performing that one song. I say suck it up and prepare for take-off.


Castle Lite Vanilla Ice Commercial


even Louis Gossett Jr. got a piece