Watching non-boxers box may be the most fun a person can have. I recently watched Todd Bridges fight Vanilla Ice on youtube. You couldn’t write a funnier scenario. The first thing you realize is how tiring boxing is. Thirty seconds in and they’re both sucking up air like asthmatics doing wind sprints with burlap sacks tied to their backs.

But let’s not forget the utter lack of any discernible technique. Half the time they aren’t even facing each other and the back of head and ears get most of the punishment as the wild punches search for a home but come up short or long. The punches are like bad settlers who never get to where they intended but set up shop and declare success anyway.

Boxing is called a sweet science for a reason. And as great as it is to watch two precision boxers go at it, it’s almost as much fun watching two plumbers throw erratic hay makers at each others’ earlobes. Sometimes you want Fresh Spinach and Mozzarella Layered Between Sheets of Spinach Pasta, with a Zesty Basil Pesto and sometimes you want Velvetta and tomato sauce on an english muffin.

Watching civilians box is even a notch below makeshift pizza. Civilian boxing is like peanut butter and jelly on saltines. Really good but not good for you.

Classic battles:
Vanilla Ice vs Todd Bridges

Screech vs Horse Shack(no fair. Horse shack is like 50)