2 thoughts on “Comedian on Call – video blog – teaching Kanye West

  1. Deana

    It's good to see the video blogs back in action. I dig the theme. And I'm with you on Kanye. It's the Video Music Awards for corn's sake. It's not like they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the wrong philanthropist. Kanye should take his energy for outrage and concern for justice and put it to good use tackling social issues. Otherwise, the guy just sounds like some raving sore loser. Bitter!

    I got some questions for the blog, so I'll send 'em over, Red Rover.

  2. me!

    I can actually cut Kanye some slack on this. Sure, he made an a## of himself, and sure, he lets his ego run free and takes himself way too seriously.

    On the other hand…that's sort of…um, Kanye. It's what he does. It's the reason his doppleganger now swims underwater on South Park singing about "gay fish."

    He oversteps. Then he gets really, really contrite about it. Not "oh my publicist told me to say sorry" contrite. Really contrite. His contrition is sincere.

    On some level, I think Kanye comes as a package deal. The no-V-chip, over-the-top ego gives us embarrassing moments from time to time. But I think it's the same over-the-top ego that allows him to tear off fearlessly in new directions as well.

    So, as long as we're just talking about occasional embarrassments and not actual harm to others (Taylor Swift is doing just fine), then I just can't get too worked up about it.

    Package deal.

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